Sunday, April 24, 2011

George Louis Poudrier

My father, George Louis Poudrier, was born on April 24, 1926. He was raised in Quebec,Canada, Trois- Rivieres to be exact. I know so little of his family history or his childhood and I regret that every day. My dad died on March 11, 1997, taking his stories with him. As far as I know, all the people who could answer my questions about him are gone too.

He was a good man, in many ways a brilliant man, and underneath it all, a gentle person. He was also a suffering man who lost himself in a pharmaceutical maze that became his prison. That's part of who he was, but not the sole part. I only wish I had known him better, heard his story, written it down.

I lost my chance on March 11, 1997. If you have a mom or a dad who are still living, don't lose your chance. Their stories are far more precious than you can imagine.

Trois-Rivieres between 1900-1920
Ursuline Convent Trois-Rivieres
Two boys in Trois-Riviere around 1900-1920.

photos courtesy Mario Groleau


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