Sunday, April 10, 2011

Conservative Chicken Littles

To everyone up in arms about a possible government shut down~

Stop it.

I am tired of the flip-flopping.

As a pro-life conservative,  I sent my representatives to Washington, D.C. with the mandate to fight for pro-life legislation and fiscal responsibility. I was not alone in that mandate. Since most pro-life conservative legislators are Republicans, we were directing them to stand their ground on those issues and not to back down in the face of opposition.

Now really, people, what did  you think that mandate entailed? Did you think the Republicans could just waltz into Congress, state their case, and be done with it? Did you think that the mostly Democratic opposition would just throw up their hands and cede the field to the Republicans? Come on!

It's politics, it's power, and it can get ugly. Wasn't that the point? Now that the Republicans have enough political clout to push the changes we asked for, they can't turn around and compromise their position.We asked them to stand firm and they did. They went toe to toe with the liberal Democrats and didn't blink when their opposition threatened  to force a government shut down rather than work with the budget propositions that the Republicans made. Fur and feathers flew, and we should have been cheering our side on.

But no. In the social media, in op-eds and commentaries, I witnessed 'staunch conservatives' turn into Chicken Littles, lamenting that the big government they railed against might indeed be shut down. Their sky was falling.  Did they not sense the irony?

Look, peeps. When the Democrats held the majority, they never even passed a federal budget. That's right. No approved federal budget. Can you run your household like that? Your business? Well that's how Congress was running your nation. I didn't hear a lot of hoohaw about that from my conservative friends and associates. No one running around complaining about the childishness of Congress, the end of the world, etc. But when the Republicans directly address this issue, and then fight for the things we sent them there to do, they get skewered for it by the very people who sent them there!

You know, I'm not sitting around hoping for a government shut down, and I realize that should a government shut down occur, there would be many unpleasant consequences. I certainly don't want to see essential personnel or military families suffer, nor do I relish the idea of having lives disrupted. BUT--I asked my representatives to fight, knowing full well that if they did it might not be a pretty sight. I asked them to not compromise on the issues, knowing that they faced ferocious opposition from the Democrats and the President. So I am really vexed that it's now being insinuated that they are acting like spoiled children because they won't just sit down and play nice with the Democrats in regards to the federal budget.


This isn't fantasy land and you can't have it both ways, so stop your whining. Stop stomping your feet and pouting and pointing fingers at everyone when it's not all blue skies and lollipops.

Just stop it.


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