Sunday, April 3, 2011

Peaceful Porch

The house that we rent is set into a  small hillside, so the back side of our basement is exposed. That means we have a sort of downstairs porch, and then a upstairs porch attached to the back of the house and over the downstairs porch. The upper porch is not screened and we have a clothesline strung across it, but on pretty days it is heaven to go out there with a good book and a cool drink. You can sit in the sunshine that hits part of the porch, or catch a gentle breeze, and listen to the birds sing and the squirrels fuss. You can even curl up on an old sleeping bag and take a nap; just ask my daughter! The dogs might join you, with the little ones trying to find space on your blanket and the big one stretching out in a patch of sun. At the right time of day it is indeed a little slice of heaven.


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