Friday, April 15, 2011

Grammar Grouch: Apostrophes

People. I try not to be too uptight about grammar things, I really do, but there are some grammar blunders that just drive me up the wall. Allow me to illustrate one of my pet peeves:

I saw three cat's; one was licking it's fur. The second one seem's to be asleep. The third cat had green eye's. My sister's like cat's, but my mother like's dog's. I dont' like snake's.

Apostrophe, poor apostrophe! You are misused and misunderstood. Does anyone remember what you do and where you belong?

You show possession.

Singular: the cat's whiskers
Plural:  the boys' teams  
In words that are already plural: women's,men's, children's  

You signal a contraction.

Do not = don't 
It is = it's  
Could not = couldn't 

 You do not belong in a plural noun:  cats, houses, apostrophes
You do not belong in the possessive for its   For example: The dog wagged its tail. 
And although you can indicate both singular possession or  plural possession  with a name (Jess' book, the Smiths' business, Mrs. Meekers' mouse )depending on how the name is spelled or used, you NEVER EVER belong in a name as part of the word. Never. Ever. Unless you are named Can't or Ain't...


Camellia Day said...

You know's you's think's since I's is ur daughter I's b all good at grammer n stuff.


(He done been gone missing.)

Love you,

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