Monday, June 20, 2011

The Java House----Go There!

The Java House is conveniently located.


It has a warm and inviting decor. Not to mention a conference room, porch rockers, and wifi. On the weekends you can enjoy live music, all kinds! Bluegrass, jazz, acoustic, folk, country, pop, rock, blues, gospel, something for everyone. Or you can come to simply enjoy some quiet time, catch up with friends, or hold a group meeting. The staff is friendly and always helpful. The owner really cares about his customers.


Oh yeah. They serve coffee.

A mind-boggling array of coffee creations: espressos, iced coffees, French press, lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, mochas, frappuccinos,  and  cups of steaming hot specialty java, regular and decaf.

Or, if you crave something besides coffee, you can have:
hot chocolates, smoothies, floats, iced lemonade, hot and iced teas,  apple ciders,sodas, juices, bottled water AND
cookies, danish,  Carvel ice cream cakes, doughnuts, frozen concoctions, chips, and a wide variety of baked goods and light breakfast/lunch items

So, bring your friend, bring your book, or bring your dog, but



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