Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 22: Justin Matthew

In memory of Justin Matthew, who would have been 27 today~

HE’LL TAKE CARE OF YOU (Mother's Lullaby)

Words & Music by David Meece

Hush little child -- wipe that tear from your eye

Don't you be scared of the dark

For someone is watching to guard as you sleep

Protecting each moment you grow


He'll take care of you, my darling, he loves you

He'll take care of you, my darling, for me

He'll take care of you and love you forever and ever

He'll take care of you, my darling, for me.

Moonlight casts shadows on warm summer nights

And the winter wind whispers through the whistling brush

There's no need to worry; He'll stay by your side

And nothing can touch you but love

photo courtesy of highschoolconfidential


Camellia Day said...

I wrote a poem for Justin once. It was on the way down to Alabama. I guess I should share it with you. It's more like my thoughts in strange verses...but you'll see!

Justin Matthew

Never knew you, never cared,
now I wonder who you are,
and where you'd be.

How would you have affected me?
Bold or quite?
Smart or like me?

I wonder if you would have warm and nice,
or have been a little quite and reserved.

Ether way, I want to know the most,
if you would have been proud of me.


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