Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 We Remember: Patrice Paz

Patrice Paz was intelligent and capable, the kind of  person who could solve work-place problems. And she was dedicated, throwing her heart into her career. But her heart found a different focus when, in 1994, she took a solo trip to Italy. During her visit Patrice met Rolando Paz , who was also touring the country. Romance blossomed and they were married just a few months after their encounter in Italy.

Although Patrice remained a dedicated member of the Aon Corporation, she was devoted wife as well. She and Rolando made their relationship a top priority. She would call him, without fail, at his office every day. Every evening he would pick her up at 2 World Trade Center where she worked.

On the morning of September 11, 2011, Patrice entered 2 World Trade Center as usual, taking the elevator up to the top floors of the skyscraper where her office was located. At 9:03 am, around the time when she would normally call her husband,  radical Islamic terrorists slammed a highjacked commercial airliner into the tower. Less than an hour later 2 World Trade Center collapsed. Rolando would never again be able retrieve his lovely wife at the end of the day. Patrice did not escape.

Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine,
et lux perpetua luceat eis.


Cathy said...

Powerful remembrance. thank you for writing about Patrice.

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